Business Insurance

Our Business Insurance Policies and Packages

At Annagard Insurance Agency, we know that running your own businesses is one of the most rewarding challenges you can undertake. We’re an insurance provider based in Union, New Jersey that provides a safety net for companies. Our insurance packages are designed to cover those unforeseen expenses that your company could face.

Here’s a few of our policies.


Liability has your back when the unexpected happens. There are commercial, legal, and workplace liabilities that could seriously impact your businesses without the right insurance plan. We offer a variety of liability coverages that give you extra support when the time comes to face these sudden challenges.


It’s gotten harder than ever for companies to keep their doors open. There’s always something new on the horizon throwing a wrench into the smooth gears of operations. Interruption insurance gives you support to keep your company going when you need to temporarily close your doors.


Cybersecruity, data protection, and physical security are serious issues for today’s business leaders. Having a security breach can represent lost revenue and even the threat of lawsuits.

We offer insurance policies designed to cover these modern security threats.

Industry-Specific Insurances

There are countless industries that have their own, specific, risks that need coverage. We can help contractors protect their tools, companies maintain their liquor licensing, and even more coverage plans including everything from live events to maritime businesses.

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