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Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Insurance

The everyday operations of a business can expose the company to certain risks that can cause expensive losses, from liability lawsuits, breaches of contract or natural disasters. Commercial insurance is designed to minimize these expenses, so your company can continue to thrive. At Annagard Insurance Agency, we can help you determine the right insurance coverage for your needs at a price that fits your business budgeting.

A Wide Range Of Commercial Policies Are Available

Insurance companies offer a wide range of policies for business. Some of these are designed for certain types of business, such as those involved in professions. Others are more general policies that apply to a wide range of business activities. Your agent will take the time to understand how your company operates on a daily basis, so you can be assured of having the right insurance for your specific needs.

Some Types of Commercial Insurance Are Mandatory

As you consider insurance for your business, you will find that certain types of commercial insurance are required by the state, such as workers compensation insurance. This type of insurance covers medical expenses and wages for workers that are injured while on the job. If your property has a mortgage, your financial institution will require you to have property insurance to protect their interest. If you have financed equipment, they also may require you to have insurance to cover their interest if a loss event occurs. General liability insurance is basic coverage for people who are injured while on your business property and for damage that might occur to clients’ property. Parties with whom you do business often require this type of insurance.

Other Types of Commercial Coverage Are Optional But May Be Advisable

Your business may need other types of protection, such as coverage in case of a data breach, coverage against professional omissions and errors and coverage for the loss of key personnel that are critical to your business. Your agent can provide information on these policies that may be relevant to your company’s operations.

Your Commercial Insurance Needs Can Change As Your Business Grows

The growth of your business can cause changes that require additional insurance coverage. You may purchase your own building, add vehicles for delivery and distribution, or you may find your data needs greater protection and coverage against loss. Your agent can provide a periodic review of your insurance needs to help you acquire the appropriate types of insurance as your business expands and grows.

Choose Annagard Insurance Agency For Commercial Insurance in New Jersey

Your insurance agent can be an important part of your business consulting team. With extensive training and years of experience, agents can help you to evaluate risk and acquire appropriate coverage to avoid expensive losses to your business. Contact Annagard Insurance Agency today for a free, no obligation quote on insurance that can help you secure your business’s financial strategy.

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