Commercial truck insurance is an important type of coverage to protect you from costly bills should any of your trucks become involved in an accident. ... You're required to have primary liability coverage as part of a trucking license to protect property and people from damage your trucks cause.

Trucking Liability Insurance

Trucking companies are required by law to purchase Auto Liability or Truck Liability Insurance. This insurance provides protection for the motor carrier for legal liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance, and use of any insured automobile

Cargo Insurance 

Cargo insurance protects you from financial loss due to damaged or lost cargo. It pays you the amount you're insured for if a covered event happens to your freight. And these covered events are usually natural disasters, vehicle accidents, cargo abandonment, customs rejection, acts of war, and piracy.

Physical Damage Insurance 

Physical damage truck insurance, sometimes referred to as collision coverage, pays to fix or replace damaged tractors and trailers. It covers your rig 24/7, whether operating for personal or business use.

Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail Insurance is similar to non-trucking liability and provides coverage when operating a truck without a trailer is commonly known as “bobtailing.” Bobtail insurance covers the tractor anytime it is not attached to a trailer regardless of whether or not the truck is under dispatch.

Truck Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance provides cover across a fleet of business vehicles. It allows you to insure all vehicles under one policy rather than individually and you can either insure all drivers to all vehicles or assign named drivers.

Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck insurance is an essential coverage for any business that performs towing services, whether the trucks and flatbeds are leased or owned. With tow truck coverage, businesses can remain protected if damage should occur to the towing vehicles or to other vehicles in the case of an accident.

Annagard Insurance Agency insures established New Jersey and New York trucking companies as well as new venture trucking and other startups. These types of businesses account for nearly 70 percent of the national economy and need good insurance coverage to maintain ongoing business with customers and government requirements.


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We offer same day policies for small or large business commercial auto and truck insurance in the states of New Jersey and New York.


Package policies including liability, physical damage, trailer interchange, cargo, UM/UIM, hired and non-owned auto and Commercial General Liability coverage.

Auto Liability
Non Owned Trailer Physical Damage
Standalone Physical Damage
Trailer Interchange
Cargo Coverage
Hired & Non-Owned Auto
CGL-Commercial General Liability
Excess Auto/Umbrella
Contingent Auto Liability


When a commercial registered truck has an accident, the trucking company needs to be insured to protect themselves from four distinct types of claims. A single accident is likely to result in damages for each of these four categories, making it very important that a truck insurance policy is fully covering each category of claims.


Liability Insurance Coverage – Trucking liability insurance covers the damage that is done to the other party. If a tractor trailer damages a delivery dock while dropping off a load, payment will be made to the shipment receiver for repairs. If a truck strikes another vehicle, the insurer will pay for the repairs required by the other vehicle. If a pedestrian or a driver in another vehicle is hurt by your truck, the insurance policy should have coverage’s to pay for the medical bills.


Cargo Insurance Coverage – If a “big rig” truck carries a load of something valuable and it gets damaged or destroyed while being transported in your truck, it is a great idea to have cargo insurance coverage. Likewise, if the trailer holding the goods is broken into and some of the shipment is stolen or damaged, your commercial insurance policy should be paying the tab, and not you or your company.


Physical Damage Coverage – There are plenty of ways that a truck may be damaged that could result in an expensive repair bill. Damage from severe weather conditions, theft, motor vehicle collisions and arson are all events that are out of your control but can still sink your business. Truck insurance that does not include any physical damage coverage will leave a void in your protection and may result in you paying the repair bill.


Workers Compensation – Medical Insurance Coverage Accidents or illnesses will result in medical bills and recovery time. A company that doesn’t have coverage for employee injury is leaving out an important aspect of insurance coverage and missing a strong recruiting benefit. And depending on the state may be breaking the law.


Bobtail and Non-NJ Truck Insurance Liability Coverage (NTL Insurance) – These policy types will keep your vehicle covered in the few situations that aren’t covered by the previously mentioned insurance policy coverage’s, and the additional coverage is not really that expensive compared to the benefits.


Use patience when trying to find the best truck insurance price. Getting commercial big rig truck insurance quotes can take longer than your typical car insurance policy. Due to the additional details that go into calculating your rate, you can expect an initial quote to take approximately 15-30 minutes. More complicated risks may require longer. Quotes are based on each company’s characteristics.


Common vehicle types covered under our typical truck insurance policies include: box trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, express delivery trucks, refrigerated trucks, tanker trucks, tractors, and many more.