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Life insurance is a financial contract between an individual and an insurance company where the policyholder pays regular premiums, and in return, the insurer provides a lump-sum payment, known as a death benefit, to beneficiaries upon the death of the insured.


This financial tool serves multiple purposes, including providing financial security for loved ones, covering outstanding debts, and offering peace of mind.

insurance agency near me.-min.jpg

Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Provides coverage for a specified term, typically 10, 20, or 30 years. If the insured dies during the term, the beneficiaries receive the death benefit. If the policyholder survives the term, there is no payout

Whole Life Insurance

Offers coverage for the entire lifetime of the insured. It combines a death benefit with a cash value component that grows over time, providing a form of investment.

Death Benefit

The death benefit is the amount of money paid to the beneficiaries when the insured passes away. It is typically tax-free for the beneficiaries.


Policyholders pay regular premiums to keep the life insurance policy in force. Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the policy.

Cash Value (for Whole Life)

Whole life insurance policies accumulate cash value over time. This cash value can be accessed by the policyholder through loans or withdrawals, providing a form of savings or investment component.


The policyholder designates one or more beneficiaries who will receive the death benefit upon the
insured's death. Beneficiaries can be individuals, such as family members, or entities like trusts or charities.


Life insurance typically involves a medical examination and underwriting process. The insurer assesses the applicant's health, lifestyle, and other risk factors to determine the premium rate.

Policy Riders

Riders are optional add-ons to a life insurance policy that can enhance coverage. Common riders include those for accelerated death benefits, which allow the policyholder to access a portion of the death benefit if diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Convertible Policies

Some term life insurance policies offer the option to convert to a permanent (whole) life insurance policy without undergoing a new medical exam.

Estate Planning

Life insurance plays a role in estate planning by providing liquidity to cover estate taxes or other expenses.

Income Replacement

Life insurance is often purchased to replace the income of the insured, ensuring that dependents have financial support in the event of the policyholder's death.

Understanding your financial needs and goals is crucial when selecting a life insurance policy. It's advisable to review and update your life insurance coverage periodically, especially when significant life events, such as marriage, the birth of a child, or changes in financial circumstances, occur. Consulting with a financial advisor or insurance professional can help you choose the right type and amount of life insurance for your specific situation.

Annagard Insurance Agency is always here for all your insurance needs. Please feel free to call us at any time, we will be delighted to speak with you.

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